Thursday, January 5, 2012



My name is Jen and I'm a shopaholic. I'm pretty bad because I end up buying things that I don't really use. For instance, high heels. I have all these high heels that I don't really wear, but I do love to whip them out every so often and prance around in them. I went to TJ Maxx last month and came across these pretty Nine West lace heels for $39.99.

Turns out my friend bought a pair for our other friend and for herself as well. Her sister even has a pair! These ladies have great taste, so it makes me even happier with my purchase.

Look,someone else was interested too...

That's Bacon's brother. He's such a cutie!

Okay, that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!



Terri L. said...

that's meee!!! YAY!!!

Jen said...

LOL! YAY!!! ;)

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