Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holy Moly!

< Update >

I went to check up on CashBaq's website and this is the message they have up now:

"Like so many other companies, Cashbaq was hit by the worst recession of our lifetime.
We regret that Cashbaq is unable to continue operations and has shut down.

You can earn cash back at other sites including iGive, uPromise, Mr. Rebates, FatWallet, and Ebates.
You can also compare cash back rebates at Evreward."

It's about time! Who knows how many people got ripped off in the extra 3 months they kept their website up. I think I read somewhere that someone was waiting on a check for hundreds of dollars... Talk about ridiculous. Sometimes it can be so hard to trust. At least they're finally shut down though!

< /Update >

I have been gone so long! So much has happened, from friends getting married and having babies to midterms and finals! After finals, I just hid away in bed for so long that I ended up getting too lazy to do anything - EEK! Well, I'm not here to write about anything nail related, but I was so outraged with this online rebate site that I had to share this with anyone who can help spread the word.

BEWARE of CashBaq. -Happened to me :(

Basically, they were a trusted company for a while... Lucky me, within a month or so of joining, I was told that a check was on its way to me some time in November. I never received the check so I searched for a phone number, but couldn't find one. I ended up messaging customer service by opening a "ticket" on their site asking about the check and never got a response. I checked back every once in a while and saw that the ticket was gone. So I opened another ticket that's still sitting there, probably waiting to be deleted too. Their site is still up and running with an updated copyright at the bottom for 2002-2011. Just thought I'd try to warn whoever I can so that this won't happen to more people.

Thanks to anyone who is still following my blog after all this time! I hope that my next post will be more positive, but until then, that is all for now. Thanks for stopping by!