Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day!

Hi again!

It's Leap Year Day! For anyone who doesn't know why we have leap year (I didn't!), check out this link! Since this date only comes around every 4 years, I thought I'd make a back to back post using an image from the DRK-A plate!

To my naked eye, I thought the stamping looked pretty good, but in the picture, I see that my stamping wasn't great. I liked it on my nails though! It kind of looked like a full nail sticker, which I'm not sure is a good thing, but I still liked it :)

Can anyone see a difference in the colors on my nails? Here's what I used.

Index - China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le
Middle & Pinky - Color Club Hydrangea Kiss
Ring - Essie Lapis of Luxury

Konad Special Polish White for stamping on all nails.

Hope you enjoyed my Leap Year Day double post! Thanks for stopping by!


DRK-A Stamping Plate!


About a week or two ago I bought a big stamping plate! I resisted buying it, but ultimately, the cute designs won me over. After getting it in the mail, I was so glad I gave in! The images are HUGE! It feels SO good to be able to stamp and not have to worry about placing it just right on my nail so that the whole image fits - no worry here at all! And did I mention how cute the designs are?!

I took a picture of it next to a Konad, the new Bundle Monster, and an XL stamping plate.

Here is the XL-A plate on top of the DRK-A plate.

There's going to be a DRK-B plate coming out next month. No images yet, but if they're anything like DRK-A, I'm going to be all over it! I can't wait to see!

Are there any images you'd like to see stamped? Any specific color combinations? Let me know and I'll do my best with what I have on hand. Thanks for stopping by!


**Update with links!**

I purchased the plate using this form:

You can check out more stamped images on their facebook page here:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Love In Bloom Tutorial


Today, I have a tutorial for the Love In Bloom mani! I usually adjust the pictures so that the colors look more accurate, but it's been a crazy week and my right eyelid is swollen for reasons unknown. So since this is a tutorial and I really wanted to get this up, I hope you will forgive me.

First things first, base color! I used Color Club in Candy Cane, which I won in one of their Facebook Friday giveaways!

Next, use a small, thin brush to paint the l-o-v-e. I used Color Club in Revvvolution. As you can see, it's a little hard to read it at this point.

Here, I started to outline the L with Color Club Lazer Pink.

And the rest all outlined. Looking better, isn't it?

Here, I went over the heart with Art Club Black Hologram to help it stand out more.

And the rest all lined.

Then I used a small dotting tool for the flowers using Color Club Lazer Pink and Art Club Satin White. Sorry, I didn't get pictures of how I dotted the flowers, but there's a great video on youtube by the lovely Nailasaurus. Her flowers are much prettier!

Afterwards, I carefully put on topcoat so as not to smear the design and to smooth it all out. And that's it! Hope this is helpful to anyone who wants to try it! Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Color Club Contest Winners Announced!


I am overcome with joy! Came in 2nd place in the Color Club V-Day contest! I was literally jumping up and down and giggling hysterically! I'm feeling so grateful because everyone did such amazing designs and I just can't believe I won. This must have been such a tough call! I worked long and hard on these mani's as I'm sure everyone else did, so I think everyone deserves recognition that their work is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy to have found some great blogs through this. :)

365 Days of Color
Deuce Beauties
Lovin Nailz
Meg's Manicures
Rebecca Likes Nails

Sorry for leaving anyone out! These were the blogs I was able to find on the Color Club Facebook. I'll have to hunt down the rest later! :) Thanks to Color Club for having such an awesome contest!

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

♥ V-Day Mani's! ♥


Whether you celebrated or not, I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! I enjoyed a nice homemade dinner with my FH and his brother and brother's girlfriend. FH even brought home some Lindt dark chocolate for me - YUM! What I came here to show you are the entries I posted for Color Club's V-Day mani contest! How's about a collage?

I named the left one "Love In Bloom" and the one on the right is "Parade of Hearts". I don't think a name was required, but they popped into my head and I liked them, so I figured why not?

Originally, I had done another V-Day mani for the contest, but I re-read the rules and realized I hadn't adhered to them by using too many Art Club colors. So then I tried to reproduce it, which would be the "Parade of Hearts" mani. Here's the original.

I thought it looked cute short too.

This was a nice challenge and I'm happy with what I came up with. There are other great entries too!! So exciting!!

Hehe okay, that's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Rebecca Likes Nails Blogaversary Giveaway!


Just wanted to post about a blog I just found through the Color Club Facebook page. I went to her blog and was wondering how I haven't followed her sooner! It's the very talented Rebecca Likes Nails aaaaaand she's hosting an AMAZING GIVEAWAY! The giveaway is open internationally and closes at 12:01am February 14th, Newfoundland time. Good luck to everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012



I know I'm late with this, but I wanted to post the mani I sported for the Super Bowl. Since I'm a New Yorker, I just had to support my home team Giants! I actually don't follow football at all and didn't think I'd be into the game but I was hollering at the screen the whole game lol. It was pretty intense and SO FUN! Though that Tom Brady has got quite an arm, I am proud to say that the Giants won! YAY!

I did a fairly simple mani using OPI in 'Dating A Royal' which is such a gorgeous blue! One of my faves for sure. Unfortunately, the topcoat bubbled up, so I will have to re-swatch this beauty at some point. For the Giants logo I used Wet N Wild Wild Shine in 'French White Crème' and the red stripe is Art Club in 'Red On Red'.

On another note, Color Club is having a nail art contest on their Facebook page. They posted this:

Color Club Nail Lacquer

Valentine’s day is upon us! Ah..the season of significant others, but we see it as another holiday to have an awesome manicure. :) Color Club is holding a Valentine’s Day manicure contest. We want to see simplicity and presentation! Think outside the box, Color Clubbers. You can use between 2-4 Color Club Colors and 1-2 Art Club colors. Be sure to state what colors you used, because we’d love to know!

1st place will receive our new Blossoming 7pk, 2nd place will receive 4 shades from our Blossoming collection and 3rd place will receive 2 shades from our Blossoming collection. The contest starts now until February 15 @ noon (EST). 2 entries per contestant and PLEASE note that we can only ship prizes to US addresses ONLY.

Check out their Facebook page - Color Club Nail Lacquer

Just letting you know that I am not affiliated with Color Club. I just really like their polishes, giveaways, and contests. Now to get working on those V-day mani's! Hope you'll join in the fun!

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!