Friday, January 6, 2012

In Da Club


So Color Club does this giveaway on Facebook every Friday where they post a bottle picture of a Color Club nail polish and you e-mail them two guesses of what the name of the nail polish is. Usually the winner is the first person who guesses it right, but today they let the first five win, and guess what?? I was one of the five! In honor of Color Club's generosity, I wanted to do a celebratory mani using one of my Color Club polishes - Ultra Violet.

I did two coats here. In the pictures it looks like I could've used another coat, but it looks fine to my naked eye. I don't even know how many pictures I took, but it was a lot! My camera just refused to pick up the gorgeous duochrome. If you think the picture looks nice, it looks even better in person! Even when FH saw it, he said "Ooh, it's chromey!" Of course he meant duochromey, but it was cute nonetheless hehe.

If you aren't following Color Club on Facebook, here's the link: Color Club Facebook Page. Even if you prefer not to participate in their giveaways, people post a lot of nice pictures on their wall, so check them out. =)

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