Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Scents!

Helloo! Today I bring the rest of the scented Revlons I got last week. ^.^

Orange Pop
3 coats. Sorry for the dinged up nail and the bald spots. I was impatient to try the rest of the colors so I rushed through it – sorry Orange Pop! Scent is very familiar. Could it be an orange pop? Not sure, but it’s a sweet scent and I don’t mind it. Color is different from indoor light to sunlight. Indoor light gave more of an orange look while sunlight brought out a pinker tone to it. It was hard to get a good picture of the way it looks in the sun, but I finally got one. The rest picked up a lot of this golden shimmer that is not apparent on the nail, to my naked eye anyway.

Grape Icy
3 coats. Hard to photograph, as my camera likes to take colors and change them after I take the picture. In real life, the color was a little darker. Pretty color. At first I thought, sure, grape icy, but I thought the name might’ve been suggestive, so I thought about it and it smells like gummy bears to me. Yummy.

Peach Smoothie
3 coats, could’ve used a 4th. Scent definitely does not remind me of a peach smoothie. I think I’m going to have to go with Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum or some other gum that’s not ringing any bells at the moment. Really cute peachy crème color with sparse pink microglitter throughout.

Bubble Gum
3 coats. Such a fun, hot summer color. A bright cool toned pink which I thought looked okay on my warm toned skin, so I’m not sure but me likes. This smelled like some sort of gum too. Not the same as peach smoothie though. Not bad.

Gum Drop
3 coats, could’ve used a 4th but to the naked eye 3 was okay. The color I looked forward to most. Not sure if it works for my skin tone, but I still like it a lot. It’s soft and sweet. BF caught a whiff and said it smelled like gumballs from those machines and I was like yeah that’s what it is! Made this my full mani. ^.^

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PetiteAsianGirl said...

Scented nail polish? That's a first! I really like the last three swatches. I can't tell exxactly what the last color is ... a milky blu-ish pink? A faint mauve? Either way I just love it. I think it works quite well against your tanned skin. I hope these weren't limited edition because I might have to go find Gum Drop at CVS!

Jen said...

@PetiteAsianGirl Oh I'm so sorry, it's not pink... It's actually a light purple. This turned out to be a bad picture >.< I posted up a new pic here that I think you should check out:

Thanks for your sweet comment though!

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