Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Special Post

So today was my close friend's birthday and I wanted to paint my nails with something special. My friend loves purple so the color that immediately popped into my head was Rescue Beauty Lounge - Scrangie. I knew that this polish was gorgeous from the bottle and from the many pictures I've seen online, but I fell even more in love with it as I was putting it on! Let me tell you, I don't often go so gaga over a color. Not like this. I used 3 coats and each one was prettier than the last! So many thoughts were running through my mind... I thought if I could only have one polish, this would be it. And I always wondered how anyone could choose a favorite. I never thought that I could until now. Scrangie is definitely something special in my book. I even thought about giving up my first child for an endless supply of Scrangie lol. I wouldn't really... Or would I? Hmm... Hehe. I took a zillion pics of Scrangie, but only one came out somewhat decent, so here she is.

I decided to leave the image size as is. The pic is blurry, but it was the only one that caught even a glimpse of the beauty that is Scrangie. She's a beautiful mid toned purple with a green iridescence created by the one and only Scrangie in collaboration with Rescue Beauty Lounge as part of a blogger collection. You can read Scrangie's very own description of her polish right here. I'm going to see if I can get pictures of it out in the sun tomorrow. But for now, there you have it. Thanks for stopping by!




Shiny! said...

It is absolutely gorgeous!

Tara said...

lovely color!

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Jen said...

@Shiny! I know :D I can't stop looking at it :D

@Tara Thanks! I will check out your blog now ;)

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