Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Revlon Gum Drop (Redux)

Okay, I know I've done this swatch before, but PetiteAsianGirl left me a comment saying she really liked the color. Seeing as Gum Drop was LE, I tried looking for a comparison pic with Essie Lilacism online and realized how off my swatch looked. Bad jeninjafer :( So today I bring you a better pic yay!

I had painted my index finger too, but as I went to take the pic, my hair smudged it! Lesson learned. Hair UP while swatching! And to show you how off I was...

Shame, shame, shame! What on Earth was I smoking?? My deepest apologies for my turdtastic pics before :( Even now I feel like I haven't captured the true color and I took a LOT of pics too. To me, on my nails, it looks a little bit more red-toned and a little less blue-toned. I only hope to get better at this >.<

As I said earlier, Gum Drop was LE, but you're in luck if it's the color you're digging! As I don't have Essie Lilacism, these two AMAZING bloggers did comparison pics of Gum Drop and Lilacism which appear to be pretty close dupes! See for yourselves ;)

Little Music Boxes

And oh-hoho! Look what I found in my stash! Something comparable that recently came out ^.^ In this pic I have Brucci - Sweet Dreams... Carol on my index (Gum Drop on the rest). The Brucci is a smidge darker and definitely more opaque. I did 3 coats, but I think 2 careful coats might be good.

Brucci can be found at Rite Aid and Duane Reade. The selection is much better at Rite Aid. I've also seen Brucci at random stores that sell beauty products and whatnot. Brucci sells for a reasonable price of about $2.50-$3.00. I've heard that Brucci can be hard to find towards the West Coast so, if anything, Essie Lilacism might be your best shot.

Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by! ^.^



Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
My Favourite nail polish colours for summer in winter I use richer/darker colours bcoz they are warm looking=]
I bought the Revlon Brand
I love the summer collection scented

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