Monday, July 19, 2010

Jade Green Comparison

Things just got busy up in this place! So here's a random comparison picture for you today.

Index to pinky: Charlotte Russe - JDE Nail Color, Claire's - Dreamcatcher, Delia's - Mint Polish, OPI - Hey! Get In Lime

Quickly, I can tell you that Charlotte Russe and Claire's both have shimmer while Delia's and OPI are cremes. Not too sure about Delia's and OPI, but I think that these might all be hard to find now. I think I got very lucky with the Charlotte Russe 'cause it was the only one I ever saw. If you're thinking right now, "darn you, jeninjafer, darn you for posting these hard to find colors," then maybe this will make you feel better... These babies are all 3-5 coaters for me and weren't particularly fun to apply. The OPI was the 5 coater for me, but that could have been my fault, so I will have to swatch it for you again, patiently next time. If you have any of these, tell me what you think of them. I'd love to hear from you ;)

So if you're wondering what's going on with me, I just got my acceptance letter to Baruch College. In the packet they sent me TODAY, they informed me that they scheduled a math test for me tomorrow morning and a Microsoft Excel test next week! GAH! I'm afraid I might not do well and they'll end up making me take remedial courses (aka math for dummies). We do not want this 'cause they'd be boring and, worst of all, wouldn't be worth anything. x_X I might have to suck it up for next week's test though, 'cause well, I think I am a dummy when it comes to Excel... Maybe the BF can give me a few pointers since he's a whiz with it ^.^

That's all for now~ thanks for stopping by! ^.^



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