Friday, February 24, 2012

Love In Bloom Tutorial


Today, I have a tutorial for the Love In Bloom mani! I usually adjust the pictures so that the colors look more accurate, but it's been a crazy week and my right eyelid is swollen for reasons unknown. So since this is a tutorial and I really wanted to get this up, I hope you will forgive me.

First things first, base color! I used Color Club in Candy Cane, which I won in one of their Facebook Friday giveaways!

Next, use a small, thin brush to paint the l-o-v-e. I used Color Club in Revvvolution. As you can see, it's a little hard to read it at this point.

Here, I started to outline the L with Color Club Lazer Pink.

And the rest all outlined. Looking better, isn't it?

Here, I went over the heart with Art Club Black Hologram to help it stand out more.

And the rest all lined.

Then I used a small dotting tool for the flowers using Color Club Lazer Pink and Art Club Satin White. Sorry, I didn't get pictures of how I dotted the flowers, but there's a great video on youtube by the lovely Nailasaurus. Her flowers are much prettier!

Afterwards, I carefully put on topcoat so as not to smear the design and to smooth it all out. And that's it! Hope this is helpful to anyone who wants to try it! Thanks for stopping by!



Fashionable Memories said...

Your handwriting must be very pretty! Thank you for teaching us this lovely design!

Jen said...

No problem! :) And my handwriting is okay when I really try to be neat. I was being verrry careful lol

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